just emptied a ton of money into a rack setup, and now all of a sudden i have a hum in my cabinet. I've unplugged everything and rewired to no avail. Here's a diagram of my set-up

guitar-->shielded cable-->mesa triaxis-->Output A-->shielded cable-->Input A (Mesa 20:20)
-->Output B-->shielded cable-->Input B (Mesa 20-20)

-->Output A (8 ohms) unshielded cable-->Tone Tubby Alhico 12''
-->Output B (8 ohms) unshielded cable-->Tone Tubby Ceramic 12''

All cables are 5 ft long, and the triaxis and 20:20 are plugged into a Monster Power Pro 2500.

I feel like its a grounding issue because the sound gets louder after i take my hands off of the strings. All the tubes are still operational. The only things that i've considered are that all three rack components are physically touching each other, one of the cables could be damaged (thought i don't think that would cause humming), and the grounding issue. What should I do?
More then likely its a grounding issue. I would take a look at the guitar wiring first then go from there. Sounds like the ground is in the guitar though with the touching of the strings issue and the fact it just happened. The rack gear doesnt move so the only piece that sould have something jared loose would be the Guitar.
i think a gate would help, put it after your guitar effects. if that doesn't work it'd probably be something with your rack setup
also, shorten your cables....5 ft between every connection leaves a lot of unshielded stuff which is open to interference from fluorescent lights, electronics, dirty power; etc. Damaged cables do hum as well

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My first thought is that the bridge ground in the guitar has come loose. Take a look at that, try plugging straight into the wall as opposed to the Monster Power unit, and then start the painful one by one component diagnosis.....or get a ProRackG.
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