Hey guys,

here is an attempt to cover this song the way nirvana did in their unplugged performance. Any comments welcome

updated cover
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i love nirvana's version of that song, ya did a nice job
Roses are red
Voilets are blue
The only bulge in my pocket is my wallet
No i'm not happy to see you
You do a really good Cobain impression. I'm personally a fan of Bowie's version more, but you nailed the Nirvana version, quite well. I think the main guitar could be a bit quiter, as it's kinda hard to hear the backing, but it's not a huge deal.

Really, a pretty spot on cover, all around. No bum notes, and no mess ups on vocals that I noticed.

I'd really appreciate it if you'd look at my cover of Sunshine of Your Love:
linky linky, whatta you thinky?
sounds good. only thing that got to me was how loud the guitar was compared to the drums and bass. but its a guitar and vocal cover afterall so i guess that makes sense. its really good though. just be sure to watch your pitch accuracy in the vocals. but i really like this cover. good job
Well, I was going after the nirvana unplugged performance. the drums are also very low there. But maybe i need to turn up the bass. thanks for the comment
Maybe you try too hard to sing it like Kurt, but I like it anyway, it's a good cover!
The drums sound a bit too soft I think. Keep up the good work!