This is from the battle of the bands at our school a couple days ago. This was the first time our drummer and bassist have played together...we haven't been a band for more than a few weeks and have conflicting schedules so we cant practice much. With that in mind, how do you think we sound? There were some mess ups on the first song, like I stepped on my guitar chord and it came out at one point, but the second song went smoothly.


leave a link and I'll crit yours

You cant understand the lyrics very well so here are the words to the second song. I didn't write the first song...and frankly I can't understand it either so I can't help there lol.

Sit up look ahead, better live til your dead
Breathe in again baby, this is all that you get
Words have been said, books have been read
The pattern repeats, what has not started cannot end

Rolling around trying to find my way down
I hear all the sounds, wake up, walk the town
Kings and their crowns, like grass on the ground
All my thoughts are just smoke swirling around

Songs for a sunny day
Chill out baby then awake
Fingers of the sky
Electric butterflies

Way up in the atmosphere, I think I like it here
Oh I ain't never seen the sun so clear, riding on a comet's tear
Flowing through the universe, I greet the new moon
Seeing the master plan, so unrehearsed, a starseed blooms

Songs for a sunny day
Chill out baby then awake
Fingers of the sky
Electric Butterflies

It's a means to end, a place to begin
A lovely girl, a beautiful prism
It's a life I live, and a song I sing
It's a city I've left, but always remembering

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
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as i watch:

i think you guys shouldve started off with some light improvisation kind of thing while you guys setup. its kind of boring to watch musicians get things setup. i always like for the band to play a bit before the show.

you guys need to move around more in terms of being a band, or stand closer and really make the music exciting. the songwriting is great but its the visual aspect - since this is live - thats hindering it.

You have a great voice and carry yourself well, its just your mates that need more soul. theres parts that sound like you guys are messing up on... i dunno if its supposed to sound like that cause the drummer just keeps cutting out.

your guitarist ripped a nice solo but im not feeling it cause hes not feeling the crowd and hes just looking at his drummer... ppl like to be looked at and feel the music coming at them so they can give their attention back to you...

i mean other than that, you guys have some cool stuff on the brew, but you really gotta work out those kinks otherwise it just sounds like any other band to be honest. i know its not nice **** i wrote and stuff, but its as brutally honest as i can be
First of all I wanna sya I liked the music and stuff, but you should work on your stage pesence. You gotta move around more, not just tap your feet. it was still good though keep it up. Crit mine? "Army of the dead"!!
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Thanks guys, I appreciate the critique. Yeah one thing we are definitely looking to improve on is working the crowd. That was all of our first shows, so not only were we semi-uncomfortable but, due to our lack of practice, we had to look at eachother a lot to keep it together. Most of the drum breaks (yes they were intentional) and 1 added part in the first song was included that day, without the bassist being there. And m_three, I think the singer is great too but im the guitarist lol . Thanks for the honest critique, I appreciate it a lot. And I'm big on jamming at the beginning too, but there were time restraints and fluency between sets was a focus.
The first tune is nice and funky. Reminds me of Chili Peppers. The 2nd is really nice too, great melody and very catchy. You guys have a lot of talent, but like others said, just work on your stage presence. This is funk music man! Move, shake your sh#t! Other than that great! Care to check out my song? http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=845891 Thanks man!
Your guitar tone's ok, you're definitely doing well with what you've got, and your playing was solid, as was the bassists. Well played solo by the way. Pretty good drumming to, he's nicely pushing things forward.
I think your weakest link is your singer, his voice just sounds...weird, kind of like he's taking the piss. His singing seems to be in a certain range all the time, without any interesting phrases, melodically or lyrically. I saw someone say he was good, so maybe it's just me, but I would not listen to more of your stuff solely because his voice annoys me and his lyrics, when you can make them out, aren't great.
I agree that you've gotta learn to move. You guys are seriously static. Apart from you(If you're playing the electric) nobody moved. You've adressed the reasons for that though, and it'll probably improve naturally. I think the singer's acoustic wasn't really needed, and he could've made better use of the space with a mic in his hands. Even if he is playing a guitar, get him to move a bit, it's just about coming across well.

In fairness though, from both tunes you seem reasonably together, so good job in that regard.

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