Hey Guys, just testing the market with my Roland Cube 60 Amp. It's in really great shape, and I love it, but it might be a bit too much for my bedroom playing. I am really looking for a nice tube amp suitable for some indoor heavy metal headbanging.

If anyone can make me some good offers, I'd be more than willing to part with it. I'd definitely prefer a trade, but hit me up with whatever you have. I would be looking to get myself something like a blackheart BH5H or a valve jr.

Oh, and I'll throw in a psp system if I get some good trade offers.

pictures here: http://reading.craigslist.org/msg/661154815.html
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Anyone? I am gonna sell the cube no matter what, but I want to give my fellow UG'ers first dibs on a good price. Otherwise I'm gonna ebay this sucker
Hmm... Well I would if I can, I'm not sure how to go about shipping it that way though. I was most likely going to go through UPS.

Also, since these bad boys are going for about $250 plus shipping on ebay, I was hoping to be somewhere in the neihborhood of $200
you would ship through the post office express mail
Life is short and hard like a bodybuilding dwarf.
You Wanna Pm Me Pics And What Not?
Life is short and hard like a bodybuilding dwarf.
Yeah, I'll get some pics up when I get home from work, My gf borrowed my camera for the day. It's in great shape though. And I've never pushed the volume past 50%, so the speaker is in good shape.

But seeing is believing, I'll get you the pics asap