Hey guys my peavey classic 30 is making a crackling sound like click click click.. Not constantly though,everything works fine thought all the tubes are lighting up. It happens like every now and again anything i can do?
Try a new guitar cable, sounds to me like the one your useing is going bad. It could be somthing else but that would be the first thing I would check.
Does it occur when you change volume or anything on the EQ?
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*update* I played at a gig. The amp worked fine it wasn't clicking or anything, the only conclusion i can make is that when my pc is playing music after like 15mins on the tube amp it started doing that clicking. Also my guitar wasnt plugged in like when that clicking thing was happening i pulled out my guitar and it still was occuring. So i dunno, when i posted this i was about to go to the gig, but it was fine there do im not really sure.