So, my friend sold me a strat copy for about $40. It has a few problems, some parts of the head are burned (it looks ugly) and the low E string part of the nut has chipped off, the middle pickup needs height adjustment and the neck itself is really dirty. Other than those stuff, it's all good. Mahogany body w/ maple top, non-locking floating bridge, 2 singles and 1 humbucker. So my questions are:

1)What pickups should I put in it? (I play anything from blues to metal) No actives please...
2)Will the chipped nut bring about problems (tuning and those kind of stuff)?
3)Will it be worth it if I replace the whole neck? or should I just live with the old, ugly, ugly neck?


Thanks in advance!
is it just me or do people like to burn strat knockoffs XD

mine is burned too

but yeah from the pics it looks like a fine guitar
other than the nut but not sure

for pickups leave it or do like mine and put a gibson humbucker in the bridge

good for blues

for metal seymore duncan jb's

thats whats in my schecter and i love em


on second thought leave the regular pickups for now

but damn that is a prety sexy strat copy i must admit

practice and get good before you put alot of money into it
its your first guitar youl end up hating it and buying a new one anyways
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hmmm that chipped part may cause the e string to constantly fall out of tune every now and then,

As for the pickups seeing that u are new i would say stick with the old ones just adjust them so there nice, and keep the old burnt neck its not worth it as of yet
get a new nut. that's all. I actually kinda like that burned thing:P
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For a strat copy thats one nice looking guitar.

I hate the headstock shape and the burns and the nut... so.. i would get a new neck but thats just me.