What is the difference between Ground Bass and Basso Continuo. Im doing IGCSE music and I cant quite figure it out. My teacher has explained it to me but I still dont get it. I dont know, maybe its really simple but if anyone can help I would appreciate it. My exams are in a month.

Thank You very much!
Hey man, i'm doing the course too.

Basso continuo is the name of the group of instruments playing the bass part, which is one keyboard instrument (organ or harpsichord) with one other (cello or bassoon). It's from the baroque period.

Ground bass is a long repeating pattern played by the bass instruments.

hope that helps!
That's not quite right.

Basso continuo is any group of instruments playing the through composed (continuing) bass line. This includes at least one instrument that can play chords -- but does not require more than that instrument. Harpsichord & cello is the most common, but isn't by any means standard; what instruments are put on this part is at the discretion of the performers.

Ground bass is an ostinato bass part, or [very] recurring bass theme. This doesn't have to be 'long'. The bass line for Pachabel's Canon is only two measures long, and just 8 notes. This is a ground bass.
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