One of my favorite bands since I was 11. I respect them a lot because their songs are so chill and fun. Their music is terrific and never the same, and Stephan Jenkins is a terrific songwriter. Kevin Cadogan played a big part with songwriting too, but it's too bad he's not with 3eb anymore. Also Stephan Jenkins is one hell of a vocalist. He can sing basic and he can get that AC/DC, and Robert Plant hard rock vocal sound when he screams (is there another word to describe this type of vocal?). On top of that they totally rock out and have fun when they perform.

I can't even list my favorite songs cause I love all of their stuff. So what's your guy's favorite songs from them?

And anyone hear that their new album is coming out this year?
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I havn't heard many of their songs, but I should really give there stuff a bit more of a listen, I've liked what I've heard so far.
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i love 3eb a-lot. every song on all of their albums pretty much. i can't wait for a new album. i haven't seen them live, do they kick ass or what?

Uh, well no. LOL oops. I mean on youtube they kick ass. lol.
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go get their s/t album, it's one of the best ever made.

Out of the Vein was really good. Got the best review, but I gotta agree with you that the self-titled one is the best. The Background just amazes me with it's deep, soulful, meaningful lyrics that can really bring out the sad emotion of the song. I want you, and burning man are fun kickback songs too.