Bascially I'm looking at buying a Standard Fender Strat HSS. Can anyone tell me:

-Are these good value
-What price should I pay (Preferably Australian Prices! )
-What is the quality like?
-Is the tremolo any good+what type is it
-What is the difference between the maple and rosewood strat (Apart from $50)
-Where is a good place to get one in Australia/Sydney?

I want to be able to get a good rock sound Eg. AC/DC but also want a nice clean sound. Is this a guitar for me.

P.S. I can't afford a hell of a lot
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great value

good price ($400 new)(US dollars - you can use an on-line converter like XE.com)

quality is not as good as American made but better than some for price paid

tremolo is vintage and i have had no trouble with mine - i use the wammy bar fairly agressively and deep and the thing does not go out of tune...nice neck and overall construction. there will be some that argue this but i don't have 1,000 for a guitar. it can also be said that they are hit and miss on quality so please try to find and play one yourself.

pickups are not as good period. especially the humbucker. i just replaced mine with a Seymour Duncan and it made a huge difference. the Single coils are OK

Fretboard wise, it really is more of preference. maple is a little brighter in tone and possibly harder to clean. i have a rosewood and love it but you have to take care of it.

don't know where to buy but if you can find a shop that carries them i would go try some out and you might find a good used one....buying on-line could be a bit risky obviously

just my 2 cents - search around on these boards because there a ton of opinions