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Playing simple power chords with a Root and Fifth can sometimes get boring and repetitive. However playing some more jazzy chords can beef it up a bit and the great thing is, they are still power chords - SO LOAD ON THE DISTORTION!!!

Small part of this article have been taken from the 2008 April Issue of Australian Guitarist magazine, however i have added a number of other chords in.

Section 1: the Root Note (in this case 'G') is the note played on the E string
These chords a voiced with the Root, Fifth, & 7th
D---4--------3-------3--------5----2------2---4-------3---- Seventh, Seventh Flat
A---5--------5-------4--------4----4------5---6-------6---- Fifth, Fifth#, Fifth Aug, Sixth
E---3--------3-------3--------3----3------3---3-------3---- Root
  Gmaj7    Gmin7   G w/b5   Gdim  Gdim   G6  Gaug  GMinAug

The root note for these chords is played on the D string.
These chords are voiced with the Root, Fifth, & Second

 Esus2   Esus4


With these you can make a number of whacky combinations that can really add some cool atmosphere to your music. For those of you who are musically inclined you will notice how these chord do not include the Thirds of the chords. This is becuase when using the Thirds in a power chord with distortion it can has a fair bit of overtone - thus instead I have given the Seventh (either a flat seventh or normal seventh).

I might make another article when i get some time and have one relating to Thirds instead of Sevenths.


Sample Chord Progression 1:

Amin7 Cmaj7 Gmaj7 Esus2


Sample Chord Progression 2: combining these chords with a standard powerchord.

D6 Emin7 Gmaj7 F#5(standard power chord)