Hey I have been looking around here for a few days and I realized it's almost cliche but I have a Squier Strat and a Fender Frontman amp (from the "Squier Strat Pak") which I recently found are basically god-aweful. However this has given me renewed interest in playing the guitar because I now realize my playing sounded so bad partially because of the horrible equipment.

Anyways I mainly like The Strokes and I also like the guitar of The White Stripes. I like crunchy catchy tunes and those bands probably exemplify the guitar style I like the most... I also like stuff like The Killers and classic rock (AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, etc.) but The Strokes and The White Stripes are probably the sound I want the most.

I have been trying to figure out what guitar to get and have been looking at the Epiphone Les Paul Standard as my main option... I was looking at Fender Stratocasters but it seems like they're not really the best for crunchy rock style?

I know I need a good amp or the guitar will sound like crap, any recommendations would be appreciated. My budget is $500-$1000(max) each for the guitar and amp (Thank god for living with the parents and no rent/bills for a few months hah)...
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just by buying some new expensive gear won't make you sound much better
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just by buying some new expensive gear won't make you sound much better

he's right. my first guitar was a johnson(who?) and i can still get a marginally good sound from it. its all in how you play not what you play
Yeah I know that but my Squier Strat just sounds really effed up, like for a while I thought I just sucked but when my uncle was giving me a lesson he had an electric guitar that just sounded great when I played it (I don't have good skills but things actually sounded the way they were supposed to), and when he was playing my Squier it sounded way off. I tune it and tune it but it just sounds like crap. Likewise when I play my acoustic it sounds nice but the Squier is so bad.
^ What they said. But if you still want the change in sound, I don't know what kind, but you should first get a new amp. I think you should keep the Squire. When played through a good amp, most guitars will sound pretty decent.

And get new strings!
Umm.. I don't know what they're going on about, but a good amp will change your sound A LOT. It won't make your playing any better though.

Try an Epi LP or a Mexican Strat through an Epi Valve Jr with a Boss DS-1 or Big Muff Pi or something.
Your gear won't make you a guitar god, it's the hours of playing and practice that turns you from Joe Bloggs into Angus Young or Jack White.
Jack White uses a JB Hutto Airline, but it seems that Eastwood Guitars offer a really good reissue that retails for about 700-800 USD. Has Humbuckers and killer look. He also uses a Big Muff. Don't know about the Strokes altough. It's a huge expense so be sure of what your doing.
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