I'm looking for some recommendations for a decent, but budget priced multi effects unit. So far, the DigiTech RP series seems suitable, as essentially, I would like something with some sort of drum machine in it and this seems to be one of the only ones to incorporate this feature. Any other recommendations would be appreciated.

My budget would be around £100.

Zoom are pretty cheap, and most seem to have built in drum/rhythm machines of some sort.
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I would go with the RP 250/350. The 350 should just about be in the price range. I had an oppritunity to use this pedal and was absolutly stunned by its quality. I am generally very picky, but this met and exceeded my expectations. The only reason why i never purchased it was becasue I wanted more foot control. JUst recently the people over a digitech did just that and released the RP500. The day I found out I bought it, it will be here next wednesday
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