This thread is basically for anyone who has lost a friend or relative who was close to them. I recently lost a good friend of mine, this weekend, his funeral is today. I'm just really down about it.

So, in honor of our lost friends, lets share stories or tell how that person has impacted your life in some way.

As for me,
My friend Todd Davis was with his friend (which was drunk) who was driving him home after a party last friday night/saturday morning. They were going down this backroad only a few miles from where i live, and crashed. (I dont know what they hit) Todd flew out of the windshield, 50 feet in front of the vehicle. He was in the hospital for 2 days before he passed. He was only 17. The driver, Kyle, is out on bond from Intoxicated Manslaughter charges.


Todds viewing was yesterday and it just tore me apart. Seeing my friend lying in that casket like that. He didnt look like the Todd I knew.

He was the nicest and most caring person you ever would have met in your entire life. I loved the kid, he was always smiling. He could make you feel better on the worst of days. We used to always joke around and horseplay in the hallways and get in trouble by all the teachers for it. He always had my back, I almost got in a fight once, and Todd was right by my side as SOON as the other guy started his ****.
Todd was a great friend. He has definately taught us to be more positive and happy with our lives. R.I.P Todd Davis

anyone have any stories or anything about their friends?
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my condolences.
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As I am typing this post, my sister is leaving for a funeral of her friend...

He was a very popular guy at my school. I didnt know him at all, so I am not personally affected by his death, but the overwhelming sense of mourning in the community is very painful and sobering.
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That's horrible.

Now I'm in tears thinking about something. :/
My friend died in a car accident back in November, just around Thanksgiving.

Here's an article:

...I shouldn't have read it. Now I'm in a horrible mood.
Especially the comment Michael (her bf) made on the article...It's really sad.

...I thought the pit was a happy/argumentative place.
But the smile you send in my direction makes me feel like I'm alive