That winter wind ripped at her sides completely
Like it inecased her in an irongripped embrace
Her new boyfriend was out breathing in liquid
Like it was the oxygen he lacked in his bloodstream
Never have I had to use that much control to not move
But my eyes just watched the fire and I lived precariously through that

My mind is just as numb after sitting through this night
It's like the intelligence here drops with the decibals
He and I didn't exchange pleasantries, pleasantly
Like we were both ignoring that the other had what the other wanted
And I could never pick the bitterness when he looked at me
But I swear I spoke more ill of her than him...

He wears her like a medal, draped across his chest
And I would rather a different metaphor but tonight
With these liquor lined pockets, and lyrics on my mind
I'll let him get away with this petty fantasy; A girl he "kinda likes"

And later in the dark, when everyone was passed out on the ground
I caught his eye with his arms wrapped around her, a Winter Wind if ever I saw one,
I whispered to him, with more malice and honesty than I ever intented
“As much as I'd love to kill you, I'm glad that she's warm”
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Damn Auals, you're messed up. :P

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This just reminded me of the time that my brother in law texted his mom on the night after his wedding. All it said was "Consummated."