Rofl, i dunno, i was watching loads of Eric Clapton vids before and, i thought, Ooh, Bluesss and i have a cold so, sure why not.

in my proflile "blues improv"
Not happenin for me man. No harm mind, I do like how you can tell you've got a cold. I'm there, "Hmmm, yes... You need to expand on that theme, variations, etc. Very african sounding melody" Good stuff though.

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So many possibilities, so little ability.

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You know you're a guitar player when you tell your father what note he's yelling at you in and then improvise over the top.
I liked your voice in the first one. A little touching up and you'd be sounding good. I really like the bluesey duo idea too. Interesting strumming patterns. And the lead in the spanish song is sweet.
hah, yeah, im useless @ singing, and that was more joke singing hah since my voice isnt really deep atall, but thats for comments guys =D
Haha nice singing. Anyways, I dig the tone, and you had some good lead lines going. Sounds like just a random short clip thing that doesn't really belong with anything else to me, but overall I liked it. Good playing.
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well uh, to start www.google.com and search "leveling" cause theres a ton of clipping and distortion in the vox.

it had that 40s/50s delta blues vibe to it which was nice. it was apparent that it wasnt your 'real' voice, but you were consistent so it stayed smooth. i heard some bluesly licks in the back... but i mean other than the fact that its 21 seconds long there isnt really much else i can say... i dont even think you did 12 bars. lol.

keep working at it brotatoe.

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