moments when new methods and techniques’ come a little easier. Being primarily self taught and playing in earnest now for close to two years, my progress and ability to learn goes through highs and lows. I am sure that’s true with anyone at any level. But being a relative novice I am curious if the "highs" will come more frequently as my skill level progresses.
I experienced more or less a month where things came easily around my one year anniversery of playing.
I am not sure if it was due to an epiphany, or increased enthusiasm for sticking with a rigorous practice plan for a year.
I also can't help but wonder if there is a way to increase the frequency of these "moments of clarity" as I like to think of them. To more accurately describe what I am referring to let me give some analogous examples;

Day 28 of learning to play guitar.
Ok I know 3 open chords, I can remember most of the notes on the low e string, I get that there are major and minor notes, and I sort of understand that they relate to each other somehow, but I have no idea how yet... Thinking about makes my head hurt, I will just play a piece of "hurt" (Johnny cash, Trent resnor) as I have practiced it for 26 of 28 days, because trying to understand a scale(not sure what that means) is just slipping off the edge of my already overtaxed consciousness.
Day 228 of playing.
Hey cool, those open chords I practiced early on can really fill out the sound on this song when used with power chords, and with a little lick added in. (playing "She Sells Sanctuary from the cult for the first time)
"oh my god! This guy (guitarist from the cult) is just using a bunch of harmonics and he plays within the boxes I drilled until I drooled. So he's just using d5,c5 on the A string and finish with an open G chord!"
And somehow…., comprehension of what 3rds 5ths and 7ths actually are sets in. With the new found knowledge I rush into learning the opening riffs to a lot of songs that I likely will never finish with newfound enthusiasm.

The question I find myself pondering is? How often do other players experience these moments of clarity/accelerated learning. And more importantly when experiencing the opposite (WTF How the #$#*&*#&$ do I play that?) moments, how do you overcome them?

There is the saying "The more you practice, the faster you get better." Which I think is true, but I also think the entire process is filled with highs and lows. Just recently I've started to be able to read TAB and get my fingers in the right location without looking at the fretboard, that was a major high. But I'm still pretty sloppy at it, which is a low. I'm taking everyone's advice and slowing down, and trying to keep things clean. Learning guitar is a long process and I've accepted that. So I make the most of enjoying the learning process and trying not to get down on myself. At the pace I'm going it'll be another two years before I'm comfortable with my playing and two years after that before I'd consider myself really good.