Alright, time for best bassists.

John Entwhistle
Geddy Lee

No one say Paul McCartney. He was an awesome singer/songwriter, but he wasn't one of the best at playing bass
Billy Sheehan is quite amazing
also Victor Wooten is made of 2% H2O and 98% Win
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Rob Trujillo is pretty crazy
especially his work with the Infectious Grooves
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Paul McCartney
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Other than that? For me it's Christopher Rankin of Sabot, end of story
My personal favorite would be Joey De Maio. I love shred!
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Leland Sklar

Not only has he contributed to like 100+ abums, but he has a fucking awesome beard.

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As much as I'm a fan of really flashy bassists, I'm always interested to listen to simple, yet fitting basslines. I think that I true testament of a bass player is their ability to fit right into the pocket of a song and play what the song calls for. Paul McCartney, Garry W. Tallent, and John McVie are such bassists.
I'm sure there's at least one more thread about this, please search.
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