What is the difference between these two different guitars? They differ in price by about $500.
Being completely honest, the only major difference is the pickups, but theyre not worth $500 to upgrade. It depends if you give a rat's arse who made it as well. I'd happily use a mexican tele over an american if the pickups were the same.
there's a bunch of differences- USA one has one more fret, different bridge, different colours.

the USA one is (usually) higher quality, but that's not the only difference... many of the differences are preference too.
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My MIM Tele plays great, I'd fully recommend you one any day of the week. I might swap out the pickups, but other than that I have no problems with it at all.
The American Standard should be better built, with better wood, pickups and wiring, better hardware and tuners and so on, after that it's preference, the American has one more fret and the fretboard and neck may be slightly different. If you intend to mod it, you should go for the MIM, if you want it to be really good from the start, buy the American. And one thing more, the risk of getting a bad one should be higher with a MIM one, not said that all Americans are good either. So always try the one you're buying, whether it's a MIM Fender or a much more expensive guitar.

That's all advice I can give and I hope it helped at least a bit.
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