alright now, ive been playing for a couple years, and i play alot of metal like megadeth, metallica, and disturbed, stuff like that, and i been playing an Axl Fire Ax which is a pretty damn good guitar in my oppinion, but i been looking at the v-500 for awhile and im really debating on whether i should get it or not. i just was looking for some oppinions on the guitar and if its much better then the fireax. I want a smooth neck and some good pickups that could switch from distortion to clean and not sound like total ****. just wondering, any oppinions appreciated thanx


that link is the guitar.
It will do metal VERY well, but the cleans will be mediocre at best. I would look into something with an 81/60 set, like the EC-500 or EX-400.
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