i have been playing guitar for a while right handed. i am a righty but i wanna mix it up a bit and convert to a lefty. i have a squier 51 that im going to flip over an convert to a left handed guitar. any tips? i am a self taught guitar player and have had a 30 second guitar lesson from my brother about.

just curious about how my brain is gonna react to my hands seeing how its gonna be backwards
Don't. Not worth it. You'll have a hell of a hard time teaching yourself to teach left handed, and if you stick to it chances are you'll lose the muscle memory needed to play right handed too.
I'm a lefty playing lefty, but I just purchased a cheaper righty acoustic and they are right. You have to relearn everything. I don't think its worth it. And like they said the muscle memory for playing lefty is slowing going and its affecting my playing.
cool, advice is excellent. ive tried to hold the guitar left handed. didnt feel right. ive been playing for 10 years, self taught. im considering starting guitar lessons just to get some basic stuff that i never had the chance to actually have a one on with a teacher, i figured that if i switch to a lefty i could get that right from the start