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~~~Welcome to's very first body transformation challenge! ~~~

Have you ever wanted to keep track of you physical goals and progress? Would you like to get feedback, both positive and negative, on your progression? Do you just want to show off your sweet "guns"?

Well now you can! The 8-week challenge will start May 12th, ending July 4th.

Ladies and Gentlemen Both Welcome

To sign up, post in this thread with your current weight, height, weight training status (ie. currently working out; never trained before), and goal by the end of the challenge. A picture will be required to be posted on the 1st day of the challenge as well (front and side profile prefered). Subsequent pictures will need to be posted every following Monday to show the progress you have made.

Other certified UG'ers will be helping you with your questions and help you with diet and exercise routines all the while.

At the end of the challenge, a poll will go up with the before and after pictures for all of UG to vote on who has the most awesome transformation.

So sign up today.

EDIT - The Challenge Has Started!!!

Enter HERE to join the action!!!

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How about actually doing something rather than asking everyone here questions?
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I'll do it.

5 foot 11, 128 pounds. Aiming to lose 18 pounds. No training or real exercise. Dieting.
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76Kg 176 cm

Used to train, use to not have the belly lol but then it stopped and now ive been unmotivated cause ive never set up time for me to do things so ull motivate me

my goal is to drop to at least 73kg not much but hopefully a bit of the belly will once again disappera
Sounds interesting, I've been dieting lately anyway (too much late night eating), I'll give it a go.

Weight: 257
Height: 6'2"
Weight Training Status: Barely there, but working up. Plenty of natural muscle, but not very visible.
Goal: 180
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would we be using your workout program or our own?

edit: 5ft9 225 lbs

ex-football player and ex-karate tournament fighter, weight training and football practice for 7 years.

Goal: My fighting weight is about 200. I want to get down to about 190. I'm built very stocky and still have the majority of my muscle, just a gut now.
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I'm in, really need to loose weight.
Never trained before.
I plan on getting back to playing ice hockey and mabye going to the gym once or twice a week. Don't really know what my goal is, mabye to loose atleast a stone? I'll edit in the height/weight and other details later
Bass Player
Weight: 189
Height: 5'10"
Training?: Dieting (bit yoyo), occasional runs, swimming twice a week
Goal: 150/160

plan is to swim every night and do some weights during the day three times a week, work out a sensible diet and stick to it,
fridays 2 beers
Saturdays 3 beers
Sundays go for a 4 mile run...
Yeah im up for this.

Training: worked out for about a year
Goal: Add mass (I'll update to more accurate closer to the date)
I want to gain 10 kilos. I'm

190 cm
76-80 kg
Quote by Vagabond21
would we be using your workout program or our own?

either. if somebody would like a diet or workout plan or guidelines, they could be provided.

/ \

Quote by sinisa

How about actually doing something rather than asking everyone here questions?
If it wasn't for the fact that I'm not willing to share my weight with the internet, I'd do this :/
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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.
^ Make something up
My only concern about this is how visible the progress made with 8 weeks of training will be.
next question.... do the pictures have to be nude?

Im jk.

Seriously though, are there any rules besides the ones posted above?

How many people will you choose?

How many people will we have to assist us with questions and such?
Ok, I'm up for this....All I need is motivation....Methinks this would be an appropriate form of it...

Height: 5 foot 7
Weight: 8 stone 3 lbs
Never done any training or anything
Goal: To add mass....muscle mainly.
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Sounds good to me.

Height: 5' 9"
Weight:165 lbs
Training: Used to play several sports, not very active at this point.
Goal: Lower my BMI and reach 150 lbs.
I'm up for it
Height: 5' 3 1/2"
Weight: 119 pounds
Training: Dancing (9 hours per week aprox.) Kickboxing (1 hour per week)
Goal: To tone up lower body, lots of chocolate over easter has taken its toll along with causing a terrible complexion. Increase cardiovascular fitness, improve flexibility and hopefully decrease the amount of pain felt by sciatica (if thats even possible).
Focusing on shape and tone NOT weight.
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^ Make something up

It'll sound odd but I don't like to lie, not evenm on silly little things like this.
Lying is baaaaad.
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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.
I think I may as well give this a go
Height: 5'4
Weight: 135
Measurements: 39-26-39
Goal: To lose at least 10 lbs, tone up the tum tum and arms

I'm fairly active. I walk for a half hour each day at least, and longboard for an hour or so each day. I also play disgusting amounts of DDR in Heavy
Hmmm, I'll have a go, but wont post pics.

Height: 5'10
Weight: 10.0 St
Current training: Walk about 2 miles a day. Run 3 miles once a week. Sit-ups and press-ups every other day. Weights once a week.
Goal: No weight loss, coz i'm slim already. Just toning up the body by doing 50 sit-ups and press-ups a day. 50 reps of 4.5kg weights a day. 30 crunches a day. If I have time, increase running to 6 miles.

I'm in.

Height: 6'0
Weight:173ish (fluxuates to 176)
Goal: 178-180 on an empty stomach.

Tuestday- Rest
Wednesday- Back/Bi
I am the Infantry.
Height: 6'1
Weight: 185 lbs.
Target weight: 195-200 lbs. (Yes, putting on weight).

I already run a mile daily, and do a half hour on the punching bag in addition to 3 hours of Sambo (Submission wrestling) 3 days a week. Looking to build muscle.
woot woot. 5'9... 178 pounds... going to exercise and diet to lose 18 pounds... i'll have pic up by first day for sure.
Age- 16
Height- 5'10
Weight- 125 lbs, solid muscle, literally no body fat
Goal- 140-150 solid, lean muscle, once again, next to 0% body fat
Currently go to gym 5 times a week and run 3-4 miles on an off day as well as have one rest day.

Monday- Chest/Calves
Tuesday- Quadtriceps, Heavy Abs
Wednesday- Rest
Thursday- Shoulders, Upper Back
Friday- Biceps, Triceps, Light Abs
Saturday- Lower Back, Hamstrings
Sunday- 3-4 Mile Run

I can bench 180, but workout with about 150, want to get my max out bench at about 210. I squat about 270 as well, would like to get that to 300.
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im in.

I have plenty of athletic experience, 4 years of club soccer, 2 years of american football, and 1 year of wrestling.

height: 72"

goal- get up to 200. gain muscle mass and lose fat.

I have football training starting in june, ill see if i can get something together for may.

i might have a problem getting the pictures up, becuase a) my camera sucks, and b) ill probably forget halfway through to post one a week.
futball season and football season.
Height: 6'2ish
Weight: 176
Goal:185 (eventually). but in 2 months I doubt that result is really all that possible. Higher vertical as well.

I do dips, chin ups, L seats, push ups, and curls every other day sometimes with two inbetween if I still feel sore or tired. And I play basketball about twice a week. Aslo I do legs every other day. There's a lot of high goals considering how small this time period is. But hey more power to everyone.
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I may or may not be in...not sure yet.

Height: 5'8/5'9
Weight: 135ish
Goal: 140-145, look good and feel good lol.

I'll update later.
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137 lbs

Training: I do heavy cardio and calisthenics once a week + lift heavy crap at my job all the time
Goal: To win this challenge. I'm just going for developing a very-toned and good-looking physique. I've pulled it off in the past so doing it in 8 weeks should prove interesting and challenging .
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I'm in.

Height - 5'6"/6'7"-ish
Current weight - 135 lbs
Training - None, except for running about a mile or two two or three times a month. I haven't seriously exercised in about 8 months or so, and the fat is beginning to accumulate.
Goal - Take out the fat to get my body weight down to about 115 via dieting and cardio.
Sounds interesting.... whatever, I'll post my stats for now...

98 lbs
Currently engaged in: Rugby (Monday - Thursday 3:00-5:00) Martial Arts (Twice a week - 2 hour sessions) Jogging (Fridays - evenings 8:00 - 9:00)
Goal: Gain some mass and weight if possible.

Any good protein supplements to use?
Im going for it!

im 1,65 Meters
i weight 64 Kg

and aim weighting 61 Kg and being 1,75 Meters.

(well, lets leave it in the 61 Kg only. it seems too hard to grow that fast )

well. i sail. thats the only real sport i do!

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I'm game if I can get a reliable way of getting pictures up.

Age: 15
Height: 5'3 or 5'4
Weight: 106
Current training: I'm lifting at least once a week (more if I can) and am doing track (running, conditioning, etc.)
Goal: Put on some godamn weight (preferably muscle), I need it for pole vaulting.
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Height: 5'10
Weight: 115 lbs, 8.2St, 52 KG.
Current training: No set plan or anything. I'm pretty active though, and I run an average of a mile a day.
Goal: I don't want to lose much weight, but hopefully become a bit more toned. Mostly, just become healthier in general.
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im totally in. this could be the motivation i need haha.

current status:

5'10" or 5'11"
169.5 lbs.
currently lifting weights and doing very minimal cardio with my football team (american) every monday, wednsday, and friday.

new regimen

continue the same lifting schedule, but add in more running. if anyone can offer some tips for what kind of running or how much, that would be a huge help.

im only fifteen and i have a bit of fat. not a whole lot by anyones standards, but enough that its bugged me my whole life. so my goal is to burn off the fat while continuing to build muscle, and go through one month of spring football. yes, i know that this will be extremely difficult to pull off, so again, any advice/tips/pep talks regarding diets, routines, and anything else are more than welcome and greatly appreciated.
height: 5' 8"

weight: 132 lbs (just got on the scale)

current training: i walk almost 2 miles back from school 5 days a week if that's anything. I don't drink soda anymore if that counts as well

Goal:gain 10 or 15 or possible even 20 lbs and become more toned. possibly a 6 pack?

Method: Add some daily jogging (starting around a half mile and going up as my legs get a bit stronger), dunbell arm workouts (curls for the bicepts and forearms as well as an exercise for that muscle on the outside part of the shoulder the tri... somethings), and some pushups thrown in for good measure. I already drink over 1.5 L of water a day but i also plan to clean up my eating habits a bit.

anything i should change about this method? i hope this is just the motivation i need to keep this up.
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I think we should have a few different categories for the challenge. For example:
1) Best visual transformation (judged by users)
2) Best strength gains in iron terms
3) Best strength gains in bodyweight terms (pushups, chins etc.)
4) Most weight gain/loss

You could enter in any/all of the categories and for the strength one could have your own personal goal (e.g. someone might wanna boost their pushup numbers from 30 to 80 whilst someone else wants to boost the chinup numbers from 15 to 25).


btw i'm in. You put the challenge forth kadinh, and i'm warning you i did just write up a new A-B split that's gonna kick your ass

Height: 174ish cm
Weight: 64kg
Current training:
A-B split:
Calves (donkey raises, calf raises)
Lower back (heavy deadlifts)
Lats/upper back (chins, pullups, rows)
Shoulders (muscle cleans, push-presses, jerks, snatches)

Quads/hams (squats, lunges, ham curls)
Pecs (bench press, squeeze press)
Tris (dips, pushdowns)
Bis (chins, curls [yes i know i actually included curls but i haven't done them in half a year so cut me some slack eh])

Deads: 3,3,2,2,1,1,1
Bench: 5x5 Squeeze press: 6x4
Dips: 5x5 Pushdowns: 3x8
Lats: weighted chins 5x5, bodyweight done ghetto style
Squats: either 1x20 or 6,6,5,5,5,4,4,4,3,3 (i did this today, needless to say my legs f*cking hurt now)
Lunges: with dumbbells 5x10, with barbell done quick 30x1, 20x1(like when you see the olympic lifters train)
Calves: 8x5
Shoulders: this might be a bit confusing to explain but here goes: muscle clean up, 3x1 military press with strict form. Repeat once more. Then up the weight, muscle clean up, 3x1 pushpress, repeat once more. Then up weight, clean up, 3x1 jerk, repeat once more.

- Gain 4-5kg fairly lean
- flag for a crisp 3 seconds
- freestanding handstand
- Get iron numbers up (haven't tested maxes in a while but i know i should be lifting bigger, especially in squats and deads)

I'll post this in the bodybuilding/nutrition thread as well to discuss
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