The band just sent their bass player packing, I have been doing the sound for them for 5 years now and play bass on the side. Now they want me to fill in, 1st practice tonight. I have a Carvin bx1500 with 4x10 neos and 1978 Gibson Ripper. I have never played with a full band(vocals,2 guitars,drums). I am really excited to finally get the chance to play with this band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Any advice on playing with a full band? I help them write songs, change drum parts,guitar,vocals. I am almost like their production manager but don't have a lot of actual playing the whole night on 1 instrement experience.
Listen to the drummer, lock with the drummer. Remain sonically in balance with the song and the rest of the band.

And have fun! Playing live is like riding a huge wave on a surfboard. Its scary but thrilling and such a rush. So enjoy yourself!
Well it went well for the most part. We made it through the whole night without having to stop because I messed up. Still a little shaky for the 1st time, just tighten it up and ride on. Thanks for all the advice
You had that gear without playing in a band before? I am very jealous, well...me 2 years ago would have been jealous, me now isnt so much.

For future reference you and the drummer need to work together as do you and the guitarist. You're pretty much the link between the guitarist and the drummer. We bassist are important
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