Im interested to hear from anyone whos played the combo and the head, i've heard they sound different, but some say they sound the same, im sure they would sound different if you played the head through a different cab/speakers but is there really much difference? because the head is probobly a little too much power for me.
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The Head and Combo are different sounding in that most would agree the combo is biased a little bit warmer. However, the speakers in the combo aren't the greatest at all, so even with this added warmth to it, the head is still over-all better because of the fact that you can just get a 2x12 cab to go with it and you will get a MUCH better sound with some different speakers.

Combo is also very heavy (85 lbs) and bulky which is really odd to carry by yourself. The head honestly isn't that much more volume over the combo, it might go up in volume a bit quicker, but it's only a few decibles louder when cranked. I believe you can also pull the 2 outer or inner power tubes on it to lower the wattage to 60W, the same as the combo, but this also doubles the ohms of which you have to plug your cab into on the back of the head.
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