If anyone has one of these I would like you to give any input you can

Basically I want something portable and cheap to record stuff with - and this seems just right. I've looked at the videos and read reviews and I'm quite set on getting it.


I'm probably going to record more acoustic tracks than anything else, so what's the in built microphone actually like? Is it good quality and is it quite sensitve, or will I need to play really loud for it to pick it up?

Also on the mic front, if I don't like it, I've seen people asking about using an external micrphone. Do these go into the USB port or something? And are they worth getting? Any info on that really.

That's about it, any comments with some detail would be nice
I used to own the Micro BR, and found it to be a nice unit to record with. The inbuilt mic might not be the best, but it certainly yields a nice acoustic recording for the price IMO, and works decent for vocals too. You won't need to play too loudly, as you can adjust the input gain.

The external mic input can only be used with a 1/8 input, so if you plan to use external mics, then it's not the best unit to go for.
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Thank you very much I listened to some guys song he recorded with the in built mic and it sounds decent, and if I can do vocals too that's awesome.

thank you
also look into the Zoom H4, its a little more than the Micro BR but you get condenser mics on board as well as two XLR inputs which is a very nice feature if you ever plan on using external mics.

The Micro BR is nice for ideas and fun but when doing acoustic I really dont think its the best choice.

You could also get a computer interface like a Toneport GX and use an adapter to run a mic with that. you get unlimited amount of tracks with your software of choice, portability (with a laptop) and you can usually save money by recording with a computer.
Yeah I don't really want anything specifically for the computer, I want something portable that I can just record on.

I'll look into the H4 thanks

Baring in mind that the BR isn't great for acoustic recording, is there anything that is? Just something that can record a few tracks with a decent mic?
for acoustic its almost always best to get an outboard mic and plug it into a recorder like a Boss BR600 or similar Frostex MTR. The on board mics are nothing compared to a good quality condenser mic.

If I had to record acoustic and it HAD to be portable I would go with an MXL 990/991 set and a low end MTR like this frostex:

It can be linked to the PC later if you want to edit it or put it on the internet.
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Hmm I think I want something a bit more simple than that ^ Thank you anyway

So... If I got a Micro BR or the BR 600, can I buy an external microphone that I can plug into the device and record much better quality songs with?

Sorry I'm a bit of a newb on all this
The BR600 has two 1/4" TRS inputs but you can use an adapter to plug in an XLR dynamic mic, same with the micro BR. These units do not have phantom power though so you would need some type of external preamp like one of those $30 ART MP units for a condenser mic.

The BR600 does have two on board condenser mics, however I am not sure how good they sound. I think someone here has one of these units and can answer this though. If you can, try some units out at a guitar center or other music store before buying. I know the guitar center around my place lets you take your guitar in and test amps, im sure they would let you try some acoustic recording.
So you're saying that yes I can get an external micrphone which would be better but I would need some external preamp? I'm not really familiar with those could you explain what they are and what they would do to the quality etc?

Yeah I'll go to my local guitar shop, I know they sell them. Thank you
Microphones put out a very week signal, in order for any hardware or software to work with them the signal needs to be boosted which is why theres things called preamps which are used for mics and instruments.

If you get the micro BR or the BR600 you will need a preamp with phantom power since these two recorders don't have any on board phantom power. You would only need this preamp with phantom power if you plan on using any condenser mics though as they dynamics dont need any power to run. On the other hand, Condensers sound great for acoustic guitar and vocals.

Example of a preamp and condenser mic set:

If you got that set which is a great buy and mic all you would need is an XLR/TRS cable and XLR mic cord...to work with the Micro BR or BR600 recorders.

I use that MXL set and like the sound I get with them.
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Ahright thanks. I'm still not sure how the preamp works and how it's set up with the BR and mic etc but I won't bother you anymore I'll go to my guitar shop.

Thanks though you've been very helpful.
It's no trouble at all, I'm here to help out with whatever I can

mic - preamp in - preamp out - recorder input

Simple as that, your are just putting a preamp between the mic and the recorder.
Ah right ok.

Well I've just been to the guitar shop and I think I'm set on getting the 600 now, as it has two, better microphones and more gadgets.

if you can, bring a guitar and try it out before buying, see how well it picks up an acoustic and sounds. That product is a nice MTR for the price but ive yet to hear any reviews on the two on board mics.

Im sure it will be great for your use though.