Ive been seriously considering buying one. Im gonna buy a used on off ebay I could get one for aournd $250-$300. I want to know what you guys think about the LC15 and my needs. I play AC/DC,Metallica,Iron Maiden,some Megadeth and Slayer. I know that I wont get the gain of some things I play but If it will get a Metallica type tone I'd be happy. I have a Maxon OD-9 and a MXR 108 Eq to help me dial in tone. I got alot of reccomendations from you guys to buy a Randall RG50tc or a B-52 AT-112 and Im sure that they would be better but just I cant get that money on my working mans salary. To just get the money for the LC15 Im gonna have to sell my RG and Palomino. Ive also considered a Valveking 112 if you think that would be better but probably just to much for my bedroom practice.
Are you in the USA?

Even so, the LC15 is somewhat vintage-voiced... JCM800 gain tops.
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My Palomino almost gets me what I want with my pedals. Like I said Im not looking for exact tone but If I can get the smooth OD and nice harmonics with a good lead tone when I want Im set. I play Rythym not much lead tho and decent cleans would be nice.
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Change you speaker and valves maybe? I don't think the LC will be much better

Than my Palomino? Its a 4 ohm load only Ive looked for a speaker I cant seem to find one for it. I just changed my Tubes! Got them from Dougs. Got a JJ ECC803s and a JJ EL84 thats what he recommended.
The Laney can do Megadeth/Metallica well. Without a pedal you'd probrably have to crank it. A tubescreamer or one of its variants should suffice for your thrash metal sound at comfortable volumes. However, since you have a palomino, with the same tubescreamer-type pedal, you should also be able to get the sound you want.
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The palomino is almost what I want with my Maxom and EQ but another thing I want is to be able to put it on a cab in the future if I want and I cant do it with the Palomino. Or can I with a 4 ohm load only?
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Are you in the USA?

+1 i don't think they're worth it in the USA.
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