I am doing an acoustic cover of " As long as it matters" by the Gin Blossoms, I've never performed before and tryouts are a week and a half away for the H.S talent show. What should I practice doing until then? I hope theres an expierience dperformer who can give me tips( Stage fright, etc.)
Well, I've only performed to people about 3 or 4 times ever, and I think if you just keep your mind on what you're doing rather than the audience, you'll be ok. Fortunately for me I have a really long fringe that covers my whole face so I just headbang slightly whilst looking down and to the audience it looks like I'm really concentrating, but I secretly can't bare to look at their judgemental faces

If looking down doesnt work, chances are the spotlight will be too bright for you to see the audience right beneath it
Just get ripped before you go on stage, thats what all the pros do.
i play live every week in front of like 300 ppl and although most of them i know and the music is easy, it is still kinda frightening, especially when i have a solo

i find that practicing standing helps
don't look at the people if you don't think you can keep playing at the same time
sometimes ill look at my friend in the audience and then start thinking about what their thinking or something like that and then miss something important
focus on what you're doing but don't seem like it's hard
play like you've done it a million times and that this time ppl just happen to be in the room with you
that works for me
pretend your practiceing
make sure you can play it without really thinking very much
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for me the best way to get over stage fright is to be over-prepared (practice the song way more than you know you actually have to). that'll make you feel more secure performing infront of an audience and will help you avoid mistakes when performing. i also personally prefer to drink a beer (only ONE though - you want to be relaxed, not tipsy). also, i agree with therealtater - it's easier to perform with a band, because then you know that not everyone in the audience is scrutinizing your every move (and maybe possible mistakes). with this song, i think it would sound good with at least some drums and bass as well. otherwise, i'd say just go for it and have some fun. you'll be nervous, but don't worry about screwing up. go on stage with the right attitude: confident and ready to enjoy yourself!
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Just get ripped before you go on stage, thats what all the pros do.

HAHA. but pros can pull it off whether forreal or by having someone cheat for them. if you get ripped chances are you're gonna do a britney spears.
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Thanks all! Does anyone know where I can get free sheet music?

I hope you don't mind it being tabs and chords.

As for the performance: Practice like you're performing and perform like you're practicing.
The first few performances I played I had horrible stage fright, I was terrified. Later I realised it was because I wasn't confident in the material I was playing (EG. I had to take a solo in jazz ensomble in front of the school this one time, I really had no idea what I was going to do so I had it bad). Then probably my 4th time performing in front of people, my band had practiced the songs to perfection, and I was comfortable and confident. No matter how cliche it is, confidence is the key
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i just remember that i can probably play better then most of the people who would judge me badly anyway.
i wasnt able to sing properly in public by a simple reason
just practice a lot and a lot and even more the song
and record yourself with anything like a cellphone the listen to it and see what sound wrong or if you sound good
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Gin Blossoms are awesome. Just thought I'd throw that out.

Good advice above already.... except for the getting ripped part. Bad advice there. You'll be more confident, probably, but your senses (like hearing) get dulled causing you to be less sensitive to tuning and dynamics, and your coordination gets impaired, causing you to be less accurate in your timing. You'll either be loaded enough to not recognize that you're sucking, and actually think you're doing brilliantly, or you will know that you're sucking but won't have what it takes to fix it. Both are bad.

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