hey everyone, recently found this on the harmony central website, posted by another guy. its a way of modding a classic wah. i was wondering if anyone would be able to elaborate a bit more and give me any tips for doing this? thanks

So one day, I decided to see if anyone had posted anything re these wah pedals. I searched the web and found a site where someone from Morley had said all you need to do is bend the sensor light inside the wah, a tiny bit forward, or backward to change the sweeping sound. I did so and the pedal became fully usable, with deep throaty bass, opening accurately across the bass-to-mid-to-treb tone spectrum to fully stinging treble.

I'm very happy with it now, it has a full sweep in tone, responding to my foot's touch as it should. And best of all it doesn't have those stinking pots that ruins every Crybaby pedal! This Morley is 100% quiet, live or in studio and all it took was a tiny adjustment.

So, you may want to give this a try: I'm not a tech, or technically oriented, but here's all I did, per the instructions I found:

1) Stating the obvious - take the bottom plate off the Morley Classic wah and locate the optic sensor light. It should be adjacent a semi-circular ply-board (cardboard?) looking thing with holes of various shapes. When the pedal is moved, the ply-board semi-rotates, and the holes on the ply-board go up and down with the light passing thru, (changing the tone, I presume).

2) Make sure your wah has power (battery/wall-wart, etc.) Plug your guitar into wah; wah into amp (set at moderately low volume, unless you want to do wah-testing at screaming volumes, Einstein). The easiest way is to set everything up so that you're sitting down holding your guitar with the wah on a table in front of you. This way you can rock the pedal with your hand, turn the wah over to adjust the light, then turn it back to an upright position to test it. Hit strings or chord, rocking the wah full sweep - note the sound (probably goes from bass to full treble with a slight pedal movement, if it's like most Morley wahs).

3) Now, very gently - GENTLY for all you clumsy oafs that fat finger and tear up everything you touch (yes, I've seen your HC reviews: "Boo-hoo, the switch on my new gizmo only lasted 20 minutes after I bought it - can't understand why. I only stomped down on it with MY FULL WEIGHT!" But I digress) : |

Now - GENTLY bend the light ever so slightly toward the ply-board w/holes. Hit strings or chord on guitar, and rock the pedal again full sweep. See if the sound changed and the sweep is more accurate...that is, if the tone changes across the sweep with the pedal as it's moved. You should hear SOME difference.

4) Keep making tiny, tiny adjustments, i.e., tiny little bends to the light, testing the wah each and every time. I did this only a few times before I had the wah responding as well as any Crybaby I've owned. As I recall, I bent the light inward toward the ply-board with holes, and it started producing a full tone sweep, responding accurately to the pedal movement.

So - hope this helps. The potential is there in the Morley, and having the quiet optic sensor beats a noisy pot anyday. But, can't guarantee everyone will get the same results. I'm just glad I tried it and got it to work, and I don't have to look for another wah.