Hello just thought id first off mention I'm new here :stickpoke.

I just started playing guitar about a month ago and found this site. today I took a look at your lessons and found this http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/lessons/for_beginners/learning_music_theory_the_beginning.html, extremely helpful (i already new how to read tabs etc etc) And i can now officially say thanks to the maker of that guide, because I now know my Major Scales . Well at least I think I do.

My question is what scales should I learn next what sort of order should I go about learning things?

Thanken yous.
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Well, first just work on learning majors and minors through a single box on the fret board (i.e for an e-minor just work on the first through 4th frets so from bottom up 0-2-3 == 0-2-3 == 0-2-4 == 0-2 == 0-1-3 = 0-2-3) and learn your pentatonics... Those are the basics... Pentatonics are really the easiest to work with, but you need to keep true 8 note scales in your music or everything will sound like AC/DC and/or stale blues... Just work on your technique before anything though... you can't play anything unless you can pick and fret accurately--start with some songs you like and that are playable and build your skill--then worry about writing--- and remember, always alternate pick