Hey there...new guy here...hope I requested this correctly...

(Artist - Song)
Bret Michaels – Start Again
(This is a new song from his album coming out on June 3)

I found these links for the song:

Found this full version, not sure how long it will stay up...

And here is a demo clip...

I’m sure it is a really easy song, but as I said, I’m a new guy and only a half-decent guitar player when I know what to play...I’m still learning.

If someone could either tab it (I realize that is asking a lot)...OR, give me some hints...maybe the key and progression...or just give me the notes for the Verse and Chorus (and maybe the Bridge) and I can fill in the rest.

Basically, help in any form would be greatly appreciated!

By the way, I should add that I have used the Search function on this site and checked the other big tab sites and have not found this song posted yet...probably because it is so new and he's not exactly selling albums the way he once did...although his TV show has been getting him quite a bit of exposure lately...and Poison continues to sell out large venues summer after summer.