Well I have decided to trade off my Rickenbacker 620 12 string, becasue I just dont't play it enough, mainly because its not comfortable, its head heavy if that makes sence, and I don't like that at all about it. I recently heard that RIC guitars have went up in price but I didn't think any thing of it, the guitar is cool enough and gets enough OOOOH's and AHHHH's to keep around. But yesterday I checked the new price it was more than double what I payed back in 2005, I nearly craped my pants. Now I can probably get more out of it than I have in it if I can find someone who really wants one, quite a bit more. Since they are hard to find, and they are made to order news one are really tough to find at a reasonable price unless you want to wait a year while yours is beening made to order but still are 1800 plus now. So I Already have a American Standard Tele thats all tricked with humbuckes (Duncan SH-55 in the neck and lil 59 in the bridge) and an array of other mods, this is the guitar I use 99% of the time. I am looking for somthing to replace my RIC with, $1200 max. I thinking a Gibson Les Pual, or an ESP Eclipise II, and also thinking about a Stratocaster. I really don't know what I want. I really don't think I want a strat Cause I already have the Tele, plus I would have to mod the bridge pick up for sure. Heres what I thinking http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Gibson-Les-Paul-Studio-Electric-Guitar?sku=517030
or this http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Fender-American-Standard-Stratocaster-Electric-Guitar?sku=515748
and I really like this http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/ESP-Eclipse-II-Flame-Maple-Vintage-Honey-Burst-Electric-Guitar?sku=515957
The Eclipse worries me, I doubt that my LGS will be able to come up with one of those since they are disco., Mabe I should try to sell the RIC on my own and just buy the Eclipse since I really really like it. I don't know I need help.
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i'd go with the gibson since you already have the tele which has pretty good clean tone
ESP Eclipse II > Gibson LP Studio.

Hell, I'd even go as far as saying Eclipse II > LP Standard.

Point being, get the Eclipse. They are simply amazing.
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ESP Eclipse II > Gibson LP Studio.

Hell, I'd even go as far as saying Eclipse II > LP Standard.

Point being, get the Eclipse. They are simply amazing.

Yeah I know, I played one at my LGS a few times at it was amazing, but I really want to trade or consine with my LGS because, I would be out from under my RIC without worries. I have talked to them and they said they would work with me and make an ebay acution with thier stores account with 100% feed, and would put it on thier website as well as on the floor. Plus they would only sell it for what I want to out of it, but the bad part is they get 20%. They also will trade, but that particually Eclipse is NOS so I really doubt they could get their hands on one, and by the time I sell my guitar they will most likly be sold out at that price. I guess I could call and find out.
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i'd go with the gibson since you already have the tele which has pretty good clean tone

My Tele is way more Gibson now than Tele after all my mods.
I looked at the Hellraiser, and it looks pretty cool too, Where are those made? Casue I would like to stick with USA/Japan made guitars, for that price I bet they are made in Korea. If I went that route I would rather go with the LTD EC-500 in white
Really I would rather to have ESP version Eclipse II Standard that now in White this year.

The Flamed Maple Eclipse is the way I would like to go just for the sake of the price, I like the color but really wanted white, but if I can save 300-400 dollars its pretty much a no brainer, plus the flamed maple sunburst looks really steller too. IDK I just like the white with black hardware is just looks so classy.
If you are into LP shapes check out the Washburn PS7200, it's not to everyone's tastes though
^ Ewhooo, washburn, I mean really I'm Know I'm going to be down grading by selling/trading off my RIC but that would just to much of down grade IMO, Sorry not my taste. lol ESP flamed maple is still looking very sexy to me. I have a friend who has an Ebay account with 100% feedback and quite a few ratings, I going to see if he would let me use his account since mine is 100% with only 3 or 4 ratings. That way I can get more out of the RIC than trade plus I can set the reserve high enough to get the guitar I want. I am also going to see if my LGS will trade me even over for the flamed maple ESP, or the Snow White Eclipse. If they can get the Flamed maple I'm sure they would trade me even, but I IDK know about the a new white one, we will see.
Update, Went and talked to my LGS and I thinking I will just trade the RIC 620, They said If I bought a used guitar the would give me 1000 dollars trade in, and if I went new they would give me 1100. So really since used they are going 1050-1200 on ebay I think I would be better off just to trade and let them try to move it. Now I'm playing the waiting game for a used guitar to come in. They had a used LP Stuido in black with gold HDW but it was just a bit too rough for me, plus it has to be sent off for repair, and I hate the gold so its out. The had a flying V used that was in brand new condition, I played around on it and like it but the shape is just way to radical for me. Oh and the Eclipse flamed Maple is NOS and they cannot get it. And let me tell you all that is a great price on that guitar, the guy I delt with was really pissed that ESP would alow MF to sell those guitars that cheap beacuse that was only 50 dollars above his cost on the guitar, which I understand. So I'm probablly going to be looking for a LP used or mabe a PRS custom if one comes in that I like. I going to save up as well and if nothing comes in I like in a few months mabe I can come up with 200-300 extra dollars to just bite the bullet and buy a new LP in white.
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