So right now I'm in Computer Information Systems/Computer Science since I switched between the two, but going back to CIS now. I've been toying with these for 3 years now and find its something I'm not exactly enjoying that much. So I was thinking about what I would really want to do, and this is where I need your help, or suggestions or whatever.

I decided I want to do something music related since honestly, its my main interest in life, and anyone who knows me will agree. I was thinking about sticking with technology so I had ideas of music production, studio recording technology or whatever. What would you guys recommend I take a look at for music technology that would keep me interested and really into it?

Also which colleges are good for this kind of major, specifically around NY, so it can be in NJ or PA or whatever, prefer in NY, but I just need some ideas. Or should I stick with CIS, and just practice and do some studio learning myself, help pleaseee
oh ... and I also have to convince my parents of this change, since theyre hell-bent on me staying a computer major which is the only reason I did it this long