Ok, so I am "traditionally" a bass player and have been moving towards guitar, so I have an Epi LP standard on the way. the question is, what to do with this "Wayne's World" edition japanese Squire Strat I have had for years. I want to mod it out both for use as an alternate guitar and just for s%*$ and giggles. So I am basically taking suggestions. believe it or not, I actually love the neck, so that stays. What kind of p/u's however, I could use some help. Also wondering about the whammy bar. The squire system is awful, and weathered, so needs to be replaced. Is it possible to install a Floyd Rose here, without significant modifications to the body (or neck for the locks)?

Any thoughts?
http://www.rondomusic.com/SI13TR.HTML check that out.... i would say that you could prolly use the body then put your squire neck.... just so you dont have to do a ot of cutting..... and i truley think that fender or gibson should contract this company... their git fiddles are ba'dassssssss
^If they did then the prices would skyrocket.
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true but those guitars are orgasmic to play (but the fender and gibson thing is so people relize how good they are...lol)