do i ruin a floyd rose original tremolo springs if i tune my guitar in drop d (dadgbe)????
are you really sure because i was told that if you tuned the guitar different to what the spring tension was it would end disintonated or all the time detuning.
thats y u get another guitar without FR and put heavier gauge strings on it so the tone is better when you drop steps and so you dont have to spend forever perfecting your tone on the fr
To get a floating trem such as a Floyd Rose to float parallel to the body of the guitar, the combined tension of the strings, and the combined tension of the springs, have to be equal. If you use drop tunings which effectively lower the combined string tension, the Floyd Rose will no longer float parallel to guitar body without also lowering the spring tension, which means loosening the claw screws and/or removing a spring. If you are only dropping to E flat or just Drop D, you usually don't have to adjust the springs much if at all, but if you're doing something like dropping all strings a full step, spring adjustment will be required.
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