Hi people. I recently got a CIJ telecaster, about 2 weeks ago, and i love it. I like the sound, as the pickups are real good, texas specials. However, i want the Jonny Greenwood kinda distortion,and the bridge pickup is very very very trebly. I'm looking for a pickup that can sound kinda humbuckerish, and can fit into the telecaster routing. I dont want to modify the body of my tele. It will be a plus if i manage to churn out Megadeth-type sounds from the pickup!

So far I have seen the Dimarzio Tone Zone T, Duncan Little '59 for tele, and Duncan hot lead stack. Also looking at the Quarter pound lead (but too little mids?) and hot lead Any suggestions are welcome. I'm looking towards the lead stack cause of its alnico v magnets.

Was also looking at the Lace Sensor t100, the only tele replacement available, and they say its their version of a tele plus, which is Jonny Greenwood's dually red-red / blue HS configuration, but i heard it sounds like a Gold. Is that true?

i wouldn't mind walking the boutiue path...

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Well...single coil sized humbuckers are good...
but they can't compare to metal humbuckers.
I tried them...they can do the job for punk / punk rock...but when I compared them to normal humbuckers...they just had less balls if you know what I mean...
and if you really don't want to mod your body ....I heard pretty much only good stuff about those pickup...they best thing(but not always possible) is to try them out...
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if got vintage and hot rails in my tele.
both are duncan single sized humbuckers.

i suggest you look under the guard. see if there's already room for a humbucker.
there might be room under the bridge too.

if there's room, then a new guard or a H cut bridge is all you would need to swap for humbuckers.

rails dont sound full enough, imo.
they sound like really hot singles.

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