Im thinking about buying a jcm800 combo just so it's musch easyier to take places eg for band practisce etc but i was wondering for gigs etc can i link it up to a 4x12? if so how and how close will it sound linked up to the 4x12 also will that make it a 6x12 as the combo all ready has 2 12 inch speakers?

thanks for any help
On some combos the internal speakers are bypassed when you are connected to an exterior output. As long as the amp has a cabinet out you can connect a cab. Just make sure you don't get a crappy cab and that the Ohms match up. The ohms are usually written next to the cabinet out.
so it is possible then and ive just had a look it looks like it might only have 1x12 speaker whats a marshall jcm800 4010 - how many speakers?

is it just a jcm800 in combo format?
Like the guy above said, most amps bypass the internal speakers when you plug into an extension cab, but there are easy modifications out there if you want to make it into a 6x12. Also, you asked how close it would sound, it should sound very close if you buy a cab with the same type of speakers.
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