so basically, ive been playing for a while and still have my epiphone LP special (from the starter kit...i know, bad idea). I've got about 4-500 set aside for a new one, and was wondering what you guys recommend.

I mostly play rock (GnR, Aerosmith, Motley Crue, various other stuff from that era) but still want something versatile enough for when I want to want to do metal, thrash, etc. Any and all suggestions are welcome, I'm stuck on a military base so I don't get out to try stuff hands-on as much as I'd like to.
Save up for an american strat.
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Replace that hyphen with a comma and get a Gibson Les Paul Standard.

/wishful logic

What amp have you got?
I know your probably sick of epiphone but I would consider their prophecy guitars..


The pickups are gibson and its really sporty (satin neck, strap locks,graphite nut, etc...)
Anyway really nice features and definitely good for the music you're looking at.
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I've got nothing against epiphone, its treated me well for a beginner guitar...and I still have the starter amp too
hey you cant go wrong if you buy anythin from jackson or esp (ltd) depending on what style yo play they will have the perfect guitar to last a lifetime!! stay away from bc rich, i know a lot of people say they are good for metal. they are if you are a beginner. a lot of people think they are good but there are way better axes out there.
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^ That Ibanez is awesome.

Save up for a Japanese Strat, American ones are quite pricy. DON'T get any Mexican ones..

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