Oh wow. Good catch Horlicks. I was just looking at the picture and price. The pic is a mistake. Still, man that's a good deal isn't it? Although I didn't order mine from them. Seems risky. Those Bronx N.Y. electronics stores are as fly-by-night as you get.
The shipping seems awfully pricey, although I don't know about the normal prices in the US. Might be a way of getting lower prices (get it back in the shipping costs?).
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The shipping is definately on the high side. I'm sure that's where they make up some money. But a google search did not turn up exactly positive results on Park Ave Electronics. That scares me. But it's still about US$200 cheaper than average selling price of US$549. So...I dunno...
Maybe just buy from another shop? No point risking it, especially as they are using UPS
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