Poll: Free Speech?
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Force your view on others
1 2%
Share it, but don't inforce it
44 76%
Keep it to yourself
4 7%
9 16%
Voters: 58.
Ok so i was wondering what you all thought about this. If you have a view on something do you want to force that view on others, let others figure it out for themselves, or just keep it to yourself? Like if you believe that the sky is really orange but our eyes are just messed up would you:
Go around trying to convince people that the sky is orange
Tell them about it but don't try to convince them
Keep It to yourself
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Why is pancakes on the poll? I had to choose it... My hand was getting uncontrollably forced towards it

But on topic, I'd try force it on them, then if that didnt work, beat it into them
it depends weather i was in the minority or the majority, majority just agree with the rest of them.

IF you are in the minority it is the consistancy of your answers which matters most. This was proven by a study by Muscovichi in which he had a stooge claim a slide was green when it was clearly blue, eventually most people agreed with him due to how convincing this consistant reply was.

look it up if you wish

its called the blue-green slide experiement i think

this is what i call revision?
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Depends. I mean no matter what, if I have a view on something being discussed, I'll share it, but not expect people to take my opinions/views as a fact.

Although if somebody has an extreme view that I disagree with that isn't very humane I will question their views a little bit more.
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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.
You have the right to hold any fucked up opinion. I have the right to fuck up any
fucked up opinion holder attempting to force me to to accept their fucked up opinion.
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You have a right to my opinion and nothing else.

Actually, it really depends on the context of the issue; if there's a real impact then I'm gonna argue my opinion like crazy, but if it's subjective then not so much.
you spelled enforce wrong.
i chose option 2, you can listen to me, but it's not like i can make you do it.
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as much as i like pancakes, i chose the second option. people can all believe what they want.
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If your eyes make the sky look orange then you would just call it blue.

When you're a kid someone would point to a blue (orange) thing and say "blue" so it would be blue.
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