Bad Religion's Greg Graffin to Be Honored for Lifetime Achievement in Atheism, Punk Rock, and Science

"Cultural Humanism" Awardee is Seminal Punk Singer, Earned Ivy-League PhD in Evolution

CAMBRIDGE, MA - Harvard University's prominent community of atheists and agnostics is poised to honor a rock star and scientist whom they argue is an ideal role model for the nation's millions of non-religious youth.

The Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard has gained considerable national attention in the past year for its unique approach to building a culture and community for the non-religious, and this April 26 it will give its highest honor, the "Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award in Cultural Humanism," to a unique figure: Dr. Greg Graffin, frontman of the influential punk rock band Bad Religion. Graffin, whose "day job" since 1980 has been recording and extensive worldwide touring with a band boasting such hits as "How Could Hell be Any Worse" and "American Jesus," earned his PhD in Zoology at Cornell and is a member of the UCLA's Faculty in Biology, teaching Life Sciences courses covering Darwin and natural selection. Graffin will give an acoustic performance after accepting the award.

"I always put education high on my list of priorities because I thought, Wouldn't it be neat if you can have a singer of your favorite band who also has something more to offer than looking cool - which I don't - or dressing cool - which I don't;" Graffin said. "Those are the things that I try to inspire young people to do, whether it is in the lecture hall or on stage on the Warped Tour.


But Bad Religion, considered among the most influential modern punk bands, has been known for inspiring young people towards a particular set of ideas: those of atheism and Humanism. Graffin's lyrics make plain his passionate disbelief in God. Yet the Harvard Humanists cite his faith in the ability of music and science to improve the world as making the singer unique.

"Graffin is proof positive that atheists can be great ethical role models: young people idolize rock stars, and what more could you want from one than his lifelong dedication to science, education, and Humanism?" said Greg Epstein, Humanist Chaplain of Harvard University.

The award, intended to honor a Humanist or atheist having made a lasting impact on US culture, was presented last year to renowned novelist Sir Salman Rushdie before a sold-out audience of 1100 that Rushdie likened to a celebration of "Atheistmas," and will once again be conferred at Harvard's Memorial Church, the official University Chapel. Graffin was selected for this year's award by the Harvard Secular Society, an undergraduate student group affiliated with the Humanist Chaplaincy. The event is co-sponsored by Newbury Comics, Harvard Book Store, & the Cambridge Forum.

Date: Saturday, April 26, 2008
Time: 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Location: The Memorial Church, Harvard
Get tickets at the Harvard Box Office! $5 students, $10 public.

For information about the Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard, visit:
http://harvardhumanist. org.

He's a role model on live webcam as well.
Greg Graffin can no longer be talked about in this forum without his pornographic exploits being brought up.
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Greg Graffin can no longer be talked about in this forum without his pornographic exploits being brought up.

Seriously. You know the expression, "____ could cure Cancer and I'd still remember them for ___(humiliating act here"? I think Greg Gaffin's name will always be synonymous with it.

On an ironic note, as I read this, I was listening to Soulja Boy's eloquent "Yahh Trick Yahh" where he demands, "THROW SOME D'S ON MY REPORT CARD". Oh, public education!
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Greg Graffin can no longer be talked about in this forum without his pornographic exploits being brought up.

Or any other forum for that matter. Anywhere I've been, it's mentioned at least once whenever Bad Religion is.

$10 to the public... psh. Ivy League sell out.
I read the title as "Greg Graffin to Be Humoured with Lifetime Achievement"

I don't think it made much difference however.
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