Rg4EXQM is the axe
Dimarzio Evo in bridge
Dimarzio Fred in Neck
Dimarzio Virtual Vintage 2.2 in middle

I wanna make it so the switch goes
1) Bridge
2) Top coil of bridge and middle
3)Bridge and Neck no middle
4) Middle and bottom coil of neck
5) Neck

Can it be done?
Out here you've gotta know where your towel is!
which one isn't possible, #3?
Out here you've gotta know where your towel is!
not possible dude, unless your a maker of custom pots. thats a sick idea tho
Hmmm.. I assumed that you could just mess with the wiring some.... That is a badass combination though
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Stupid name.
Probably picked "for teh lulz"

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I'm thinking that you could get something close to what you want but maybe not completely. I would use 3 on/off switches to turn the pickups on and off(obviously :p and a couple of push pull pots to split the coils. Tis all up to you though.
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^ yeah thats your best bet. Plus with on off switches you can get sweet sounds like how Tom Morello does.
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dude, whats wrong with the normal wiring? it works for millions of other guitarists. and i TOTALLY support you wanting to try to find new sounds and **** like that, im all for it. but dont you think that all this fancy wiring will just give you slight changes in sound? if you want new sounds do what me and a few friends of mine are doing as a project. were making and amp (almost done), guitar, and effect processer, they all are going to be wireless and heres the best part. were designing our own effects for the processer on my friends computer (i dont know how he does it, i suck at tec stuff). thats my idea of different, not just geting a tiny change in tone, maby im crazy, but that sounds like WAY more work then nessicary, no?
This switch will get you pretty close to what you want. The only difference is that position three is half of both humbuckers, instead of all of both humbuckers.
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