ive been playing guitar 4 a month now and i havent improved in the last 2 weeks. im starting to learn some songs and licks. can you guys tell me some ways to improve playing
Keep practicing. You might not notice yourself getting better, but sooner or later something will happen and you'll realize the progress you've made.

For me, I tried playing a song about a year after I got my guitar and found it really hard, went back a year later and was able to play it first try all the way through. It's slow and steady progress, but it's there. Put in the work and it'll pay off.
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what kind of music are you listening to? if you like punk rock or something of that nature id suggest starting out with blink 182 or any other mainstream band. usually most of their stuff is pretty easy. just keep practicing basically. it may take some time before you notice progress but keep at it. it will definitely pay off
It takes a little time for the practice to actually sink in. You may notice no progress for a few weeks or even months, and eventually find yourself making a huge step in a single day. So never get discouraged. If it doesn't seem to be working, try varying your methods.