Poll: Which saga should I rent for this weekend?
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View poll results: Which saga should I rent for this weekend?
Star Wars
39 42%
Lord of the Rings
17 18%
The Matrix
7 8%
12 13%
Do something else
17 18%
Voters: 92.
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It's a long weekend (no school Monday), so I'll be renting the complete series of a certain saga.

Recommendations are welcome.

Star Wars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Star Wars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and /thread

It's the only saga worth watching
I"ve done (safa wise)

Star wars, lord of the rings and Highlander in the past
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Star Wars

I feel its time for an Ultimate final best Trilogy Thread
Try watching all the Land Before Time movies. Every time I spot one of those its like they are up to 'The Land Before Time XXXXXXXIV'
Lord of the Rings!
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GASPPPP! another one pwned by joey!

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Star Wars ****s on the matrix, AND LOTR!!!
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lololololol that was epic andyd93. you just made my day

go for the godfather trilogy!!
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I voted do something else.

Watch a film or 2 if you have to, but I'd find something better to do.

Oh, and if I could I'd give negative points for The Matrix. Nobody deserves the punishment of watching the last 2 films back to back.
The Niebelungenlied.
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speaking from personal experience, STAR WARS!!!!!!!!!! trust me my friend, it will be an epic experience
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Indiana Jones!

I was gonna say Star Wars but you sir have changed my mind

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star wars is just nerdy

LOTR actually has humanity in it and was based on great writing and imagery.
Die Hard.

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bubbaearl... apparently it's the sickest name ever

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Dragon Ballz seasons 1-11


those were truly epic.
Indiana Jones, I really don't see any other options.
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Star Wars, it's the only true Epic saga.
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I've never seen Indiana Jones, and honestly, I've never wanted to.

I'll probably go with LotR because I remember watching it when it came out in theaters and it was great.
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The Rocky Anthology, perhaps?

Talking of the Sly-ster, f*cking Rambo! Damn, when Rambo 4 comes out that would make a truly epic day. You would start that day a boy and finish it a man! A real man! So yeah, wait til Rambo 4 comes out then have a day of sheer, utter manliness.
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It's magic magic baby!

Go for The Godfather instead.

EDIT: or A Fistful of Dollars, For A Few Dollars More & The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
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Back to the Future


the Evil Deads

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Fiddler is a god!!!! omg that's a good movie
band of brothers?
i no its a tv series but its still good to watch all of them all the way through

Not really "epic" as such.

Or a "saga".

(Obviously, only the Sellers films though)
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Saw I-IV

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Slapshot is epic.
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