I didnt specify because this is one amazing RG. Let me tell you about it. I bought a bunch of Ibanez parts and assembled this guitar to my liking, because I thought it would be cool. I spent way to much on it and I need to sell it so I can buy a new amp or something. This is what it has:

Ibanez RG 321MH body(silver, almost green actually, depends on how you look at it). It has a mahogany body.

Dimarzio ToneZone pickup(bridge)


Gotoh Tuners

Ibanez Fixed Bridge

I installed a kill switch (really cool) in place of the tone pot.

Ibanez Wizard II neck. Not sure where it is made. COULD BE JAPAN!(Ill explain in a bit)
The neck was sanded down a little bit. MAde it feel REALLY Nice. Almost feels like my JEM's neck. Its not sanded stupidly low though. The sanding is why I don't know where its from. The back of the headstock was sanded. One problem. The top of the headstock has a dent in it, but it is mostly covered by the truss rod cover(its not that noticeable). Oh yeah forgot to mention that. The neck was originally meant for an Ibanez with a tremolo, but its the same thing anyway, just has a truss rod cover(and the different nut)

The guitar sounds amazing(especially because of the mahogany body with the Tonezone) and there are no dents or scratches on the body. The action can be adjusted REALLY LOW(or high whatever you like). This guitar cost me a lot of money, so I hope I'm giving you all a good deal.

400$ or Best Offer.
Ask as many questions as you please!
Not for now, unless you have like a Fender strat red/silver/white with a maple neck or some kind of nice tube amp. Like a valveking MAYBE.
Cool man! Not saving up for your New cabinet fund? Hahaha. Time for me to start promoting your guitar. lol
Quote by GuitarEvan07
Cool man! Not saving up for your New cabinet fund? Hahaha. Time for me to start promoting your guitar. lol

Haha, naw I decided to just load my current cab with V30s, I'm really hard up for a nice ibanez.
Cool man, well shoot me an email at evantaucher @ gmail . com when you have the money, and we will do it!