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who invented football? (soccer for the americans)

its been a question that barely anyone has managed to make their minds up on. Many say China, Greece, Italy, England, Scotland, Brazil and even the USA

Here's a few bits and bobs ive read giving evidence for different countries, hopefully you can make your mind up

Games revolving around the kicking of a ball have been played in many countries throughout history. According to FIFA, the "very earliest form of the game for which there is scientific evidence was an exercise of precisely this skilful technique dating back to the 2nd and 3rd centuries BC in China (the game of cuju)."[13] In addition, the Roman game harpastum may be a distant ancestor of football. Various forms of football were played in medieval Europe, though rules varied greatly by both period and location.

David Wedderburn, teacher of the Aberdeen Grammar School, has written a book that can prove that. "Vocabula" shows a detailed story about the game’s rules. And, in order for you to believe me, I’m going to show you a short paragraph of his book. The indications in the paragraph refer to his pupils.

It is proven by historical records that football in England arose in the 1800's, when rugby football and "association" football branched off into two seperate competitive sports. The word "soccer" is a slang translation from the word "association" which derived from the founding of The Football Association in England in 1863.

The earliest form of soccer is generally thought to be a Chinese game called cuju ("kickball"), created some 4,700 years ago to teach soldiers about cooperation and vigilance.

The exhibition also features a pair of black and red ankle-length boots which were used in Japan from the 7th century by emperors, courtiers and samurai in the game kemari.

A team of eight players would kick the ball to each other and try to prevent it from touching the ground. The goal was to move as little as possible and the soles of the kemari shoes were not supposed to be revealed.

The exhibition also details a Mexican game called ulama dating back 1,500 years BC, a version of which is still played today. Players have to strike the ball through stone rings with their hips.

A walrus skull and tusks decorate a display explaining how Eskimos believe that the Northern Lights shine when their ancestors are playing football with a skull.

Eskimos typically like to play on ice pitches in temperatures of minus 50 degrees Celsius (minus 58 degrees Fahrenheit) and traditionally welcome guests by challenging them to a match to help warm up together.

The first inter-continental soccer match apparently took place in Greenland in 1586 between an English explorer John Davis and his crew and the inhabitants of Godthab.

One of the most striking displays shows the origins of the Florentine "calcio storico", a game that has similarities with modern rugby that has been played since the 16th century.

Many of the basic rules and structures of modern soccer were first laid down in the Tuscan city, such as the halfway line, the wearing of team colours, referees and referees assistants and specific playing positions.

Replica pub

While the English created the world's first football association in London in 1863, Scotland is presented as a cradle of modern soccer and the museum has borrowed several pieces from the Scottish football museum in Glasgow.

These include a refreshment stall from the stadium of Edinburgh club Hibernian, selling such delights as Scottish steak and gravy pie and fruit pastilles.

Records show a match took place in Aberdeen in 1633 which included goalkeepers and man-to-man marking, while the world's first soccer club, Edinburgh's John Hope Football Club, was founded in 1824.

A corner of the museum entrance hall has been turned into a replica Scottish pub, honouring the place where soccer fans have traditionally enjoyed the "third half" and alcohol-fuelled discussions of the match take place.

The exhibition recounts how brewers and pub landlords have played their part in the development of football.

Brewer John Henry Davies rescued a club called Newton Heath in 1902 and renamed it Manchester United, while Tottenham Hotspur's stadium, White Hart Lane, is named after the pub that stood next to the property.

Anton, a 7-year-old from Hamburg, said his favourite display was the "holy turf", a small section cut from the pitch that was used for the first ever international match, between England and Scotland in Glasgow in 1872.

There were no soccer pitches in Scotland at the time and the match was played at the West of Scotland Cricket Club. There were 4,000 spectators and it ended in a goalless draw.

I suppose we would have to ask 2 questions here

who invented football?

i'd say that every country mentioned there could have but i'd say the development of the modern rules of football would have to go to Scotland.

who invented the first organisation?

england, the english FA was the first ever, no doubts about it - we owe many thanks to those who made it professional.

what does UG think?

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You've looked way too far into this.


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I hope Scotland didn't invent football. It'll just make our international squad look worse than it already has done over the last decade (excluding the last year or so).
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Nope, I live about 15-20 minutes away from you actually


then you must be able to appreciate the game
footballs a BIG thing in my life ands its good to know where it came from

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Well England invented rugby, cricket, and i think golf is Scottish but i'm not sure.
It was the english/ scottish i'm sure!
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then you must be able to appreciate the game
footballs a BIG thing in my life ands its good to know where it came from

Sauchie. I watch football like any other guy but never really thought about where it originated. Interesting to read though.
I'm going to be an ignorant asshole and say England.
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as much as i think england is a bigoted, ignorant country (no, im not welsh btw - im universal) - to say the U.S had any play in inventing football (FOOT to a BALL not HAND to the BALL as U.S likes to think) is quite idiotic.

American "Football" should be called American Rugby (for pansies)
i am an american. therefore i do not care about this thread
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I said England, because they are the country that began the football that is internationally recognized today.

But as for the earliest form of soccer, the Chinese did it first.
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Well the Scots invented Golf, no f*ck the Chinese they DID NOT!..........back on topic....so I think that they invented soccer/futbol/football/El-sporto de-footo-y-ballo just because I prefer Scotland over England....
i voted USA cause i live here and we hate that sport..

its for women here.
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i voted USA cause i live here and we hate that sport..

its for women here.

wrong - american "football" is for U.S women over in the uk - rugby is for men.