Hey guys thanks for looking! Some of the riffs in this song have been bouncing around in my head for years and I finally put a good use to them. I played all guitar and bass parts, while the drums are pre-recorded loops edited in Cubase. Please listen and critique and I will do the same for you!

I like the ambient intro. I think a little too long though. Also, although I understand you're playing bass, I think a more interesting bass line would do this song well. I know how hard it is though making a bass line when your a guitarist. I can never figure anything out aside from what the guitar part is =\. I do like the tone of the guitar though. I think instead of repeating the distorted slide part you should add more parts to it. Your on the verge of getting a real cool feeling if maybe you put one more hook in it. I really dig the solo though.
i really dig it man!!! it's very cool, i'm not much of a hard rock guy but from a purely objective perspective it's very cool and melodic. i love the build up, i think it should get progressively louder, more instruments, maybe some strings, some atonal **** (i think that's what it's called when you're almost going out of tune but you resolve it to make it really cool sounding) who knows. it's very good.

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