So it seems i'm always trying to write the perfect song but every time I play I seem to always automatically play the same boring s***. I don't have a problem with old school rock but it seems thats all i'm capable of playing and it really doesn't match the feel on what i'm trying to right. I want to write a Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Chili Peppers type of song, soft but not boring, but it seems I always am playing AC/DC style. Any help on how to over come this and how to get a more alternative sound?
Well the most logical solution would be to start learning some of those Pumpking and Pepper songs that you talked about. Learn parts that you like and want to emulate. Figure out just WHY you like them. I'm guessing, seeing as you said you play more along the lines of AC/DC, that you play a lot of power chords and/or single string lead riffs. I tend to play that way sometimes, cuz dammit its fun. You can get a more alternative sound but stepping outside that box. Instead of power chords, try some chord voicings that are a little odd sounding. This will most likely take plenty of time to find the right ones, but once you do you're playing a whole new ballgame.
My next suggestion is one you've probably heard and don't want to hear anymore. Learn music theory! oh yes its a bitch but it can lead to some new ways of thinking in terms of music.
And my last suggestion? Quit trying to write that perfect song!!!! We all want it. And no- I'm not saying give up on trying to write it- just set it down and focus on something else for a while. Learn something new. Try out some arpeggios, give tapping licks a shot, work on some easy sweeps, fingerpicking - whatever! You're much more likely to write something "different" if you don't force it. I don't know how many times i've been frustrated with a particular song only to come back to it weeks later with a new perspective and put the finishing touches to it like nobody's business. Who knows, maybe that perfect song will end up sounding a lot different than you think its gonna sound right now.
If you're in a spot where most of your writing sounds the same or boring, then I think you should learn to write using different instruments.

For example, while I am not the best piano player, I LOVE writing with piano. It can really open your eyes to some new methods of composition.

Try writing an orchestral piece. Or jazz. Or whatever you prefer.
ive found its harder to write when you sit there thinking 'i want to write a song that sounds like ______', just write from the heart regardless of who it sounds like and what youre looking for will eventually come out.

theres the key word, eventually. ive written music for 4 years straight, and the more i learn about theory and music history the more im seeing where ive been trying to go all this time. not to say music i wrote then sucked, its just not exactly what i wanted. writing, like guitar technique and running scales, is a SKILL. you have to practice writing just like practicing guitaring. practicing the same stuff over and over will get you in a rut. in that sense..

+1 pick up other instruments. i primarily write metal with symphonic elements, when i get stuck in a rut i go and write electronic music, most of it is similar to ebm. i just start laying down intervals and melodies on piano/voilins and throw down a, say industrial, or trip hop, style drum beat under it. to each their own but getting away from it and returning to it you will realize aspects you never saw before.

not to mention, every writer should have a piano or keyboard at hand, even if its not in the songs its a valuable tool. then again, piano enhances any genre.
Quote by Sabaren
ive found its harder to write when you sit there thinking 'i want to write a song that sounds like ______', just write from the heart regardless of who it sounds like and what youre looking for will eventually come out.

Was it Malmsteen that said, "Improvisation is the genesis of composition" ?

Anyway, yes, it's very true for most people. However, in my earlier stages of writing I would often have to think of where to start and how to make it progress because I would always have difficulties with my transitions between different rhythms and progressions. It's easier nowadays though.

One of my favorite things to do (especially when I'm in a boring class) is to open up FL Studio and write songs without volume and listen to what I've got later.
oh thats a good one. i use to do that with pen-n-paper when i had limited computer access. if beethoven could write deaf its not impossible to write away from an instrument. never thought to just try it on the computer.

another tip i forgot to mention, once i started learning the fundamentals of rhythm my music got a lot more interesting. a lot of guitarists focus on scales and patterns, thats only half of the equasion. rhythm is equally important. rhythm, melody, and harmony are the 3 fundamentals of music afterall.