Well I just finished learning Bombtrack by RATM..(all except for solo lol) That was my first full song to play through completely(again, minus solo).

Next I tried Smells Like Teen Spirit, but I can't really get the intro yet, (when I quickly go to Palm muting and off it doesnt sound great yet) so I am looking for a new song to learn that is between Bombtrack and Smells like Teen Spirit in difficulty. Any suggestions? I was thinking Bulls on Parade, but I don't want to do that until I get a wah pedal, so anything else? Preferably rock from late 80s-2000s. Thanks
well your problem with teen spirit is that there's no pm, its done using dead notes

you dont wanna learn that song anyway :p

if u like nirvana, learn lithium or something, good riff, then good powerchords in chorus, pretty easy too
um just askin here but isnt bombtrack a little more difficult than smells like teen spirit, also try metallicas fade to black its reallt no that hard just sounds like it
you could also try you shook me all night long - AC/DC all pretty easy and with a little practise you can nail the solo; also helps with pinch harmonics a.k.a 'squealies'
yup its a sig... yeaaah..
I really like Lithium, that's a good idea. But, what are dead notes exactly? Excuse me lol but I have been playing for three months

Oh and Bombtrack is harder in the sense that the verse of Smells is just two notes and such, but all the riffs came fairly easy to me.
I would recommend Lithium, but I can't find a decent tab of it anywhere.
Anyway, dead notes are where you lightly place your fingers on the strings (anywhere, it doesn't matter) and strike them, making a "Tchch" sound. Or depending on your distortion, maybe a "Ping" sound. Whenever you find "X"s on tabs, just do that. It can be tricky to learn at first, but if you work at it, you'll find it very simple.

And if you can't understand what I just said, just do the solo for Smells Like Teen Spirit. In some cases its easier than the rest of the song.
Well by dead notes i think adr11iano means just muted strings; just place you fretting hand (left hand) above the strings but dont press the strings, just rest your hand on the strings and strum.
Kryptonite by 3 doors down is pretty easy, 2nd song i learned, teen spirit was first XD

Also try Blitskrieg bop(SP?) by the Ramones
I have decided to narrow it down to Kryptonite or Lithium. I will probably learn one then the other.

But I do have a tab of Lithium, you said you couldnt find one anywhere, the one I have starts with E5 and then G#5 chords, is that correct?