Ok, I recently splurged on a 1962 Vintage Hot Rod Strat (sex). Only one problem...

It never fails to cause a constant hum through my amp. Only on certain pickup selections too. I know it's nothing in my rig because I swap out guitars and the hum is gone. This guitar frackin' cost me $2000 bucks, soooo I'd expect it to be PERFECT or pretty damn near close. What's the problem and how can I fix it?
well dont expect a guitar from 1962 to cost 2000 dollars and not come witha minor flaw or 2, but in any event its probally from the wiring and all youll proballly need to do is re wire it, or it could be a little worse and youll have to swap out all the electronics
Single coil pickups, that's your problem. Try turning off any nearby electrical equipment that could be causing interference.
And 'perfect'? That guitar was made in 1962. 46 years later we still can't make a perfect guitar so don't be too surprised.
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Single coil pickups (as I assume the hum is on pos. 1,3, and 5) always hum at the mains frequency.

It's totally normal, even for expensive instruments, but if you want to get rid of the noise, you can get a noise suppressor, or if you're willing to sacrifice your current tone, you can swap in some Lace sensors.
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o well then you could have put reissue next to it that way i wouldnt sound stupid, but the wiring is still what i say the problem is
My god the guitar itself isn't from '62 he bought a Vintage Hot Rod '62 Reissue!

Anyways, single coils will hum thats their nature. Enjoy it Use a good noise gate or try and be away from any computers, tv's etc. You'll notice a lot of players crank their volume, play then turn it right off. Even with humbuckers you'll still get a hum.
What I would do is take off the pickguard and check to see if theres any shielding on the back of it. On the body itself like where they routed for the pickups etc don't worry about it there just on the back of the pickguard. I'd suggest picking up a roll of some copper shielding tape like this http://www.warmoth.com/hardware/parts/parts.cfm?fuseaction=include_copper_shielding
That should help you out to some degree.
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hey DSOTM80 i got that when he said it wasnt an original 62' but in his threads first box he did not have reissue by the guitar name so i was mistaken and thought it was an original.
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And yeah, it's got some shielding on the back. I guess I'll just buy the ISP noise suppressor and carry on haha
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And you're completely right Kutanmoogle, positions 1 and 5 are the culprits. 3 is fine, but that's cause the pickup is reverse wound.

So it's electronic interference? That's funky. What usually causes stuff like that? A cell phone too close or a microwave cooking... etc?

Position 3 should buzz as well. If it isn't, then 50/60 cycle hum is not the issue here.
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