Tomorrow i am going to a few local music shops to try out some guitars, and possibly buy one if i like it enough.

I have about £400 to spend, could maybe stretch a bit more if theres a really nice one but id rather not.

Ive had my eye on a jackson kelly or DKMG if i can get it second hand or cheap, and an ibanez something which was £410 i think, but i havent actually properly tried them out yet, just a few minutes. Im going to try them out tomorrow.

I was just wondering if there are any other guitars for around this price that i should keep my eye out for. I play quite alot of different music, eg: muse, metallica, rhcp.

I have a line 6 spider 3 :< and i would replace that but i need a new guitar because my squire is on its last legs.
The Ibanez S470 is perfect for you and about £400.
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Do you need a double locking trem? Have you tried out any of these guitars?
I dont need one, but id like one.

And i've tried the kelly and it was nice, but i plan on trying some more out tomorrow.
rg1570 is normally nice, as long as you get along with the thin neck and basswood body (and switch the pickups eventually)...
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Try out the Washburn X40PRO, it's on machinehead.co.uk. Schaller trem which is on par with an OFR in terms of quality and Seymour Duncan pickups. Awesome guitar for money.