i was planning on going to this movie super high tonight but my plans have changed and im going with my dad so i cant get high. Will it still be worth watching? I just wanna laugh
i just picked up tickets, i'm going later tonight. i'll probably be high, idk. of course it will still be worth it sober.

My mind is going. I can feel it.
Im going tonight, going sober for various reasons. I'll wait until it's out on video to watch it high. It'll still be great sober as was the first one
i saw forbidden kingdom high last week. and i was so baked i couldnt even believe it. haha the previews were even funny as ****. i never realized how funny ironman could really be
Saw it sober.

It was hilarious, lots of quotable lines, not quite sure yet if its as good as the original or better.
Loved the first one, I really wanna see the new one.
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I was thinking I'd go with my mate high.
He came up the theory that they'd be looking for stoners though, and we can just imagine a cinema of full of stoners and a cop walking in.
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Theres rats running around outside my window, one of them has an apple, he looks very happy about this.

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Oh ****

Aaaah well. It gives me an excuse to rape.

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It's hysterical!
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